Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis Rosea’

Prunus x subhirtella Autumnalis Rosea (c) Ebben
Prunus subhirtella ‘Autumnalis Rosea’ (c) Ebben

Lovely fan-shaped, winter-flowering cherry with a long flowering season starting in October. Blooming intermittently until March in milder weather, the clouds of pink flowers look wonderful against a backdrop of evergreen trees or a clear winter sky. A naturally spreading tree, it is especially pretty when grown as a multistem (5m x 5m). Medium-sized ovate leaves turn orangey-yellow in autumn.

H x S: 8m x 8m

Aspect and soil: best in full sun in any moist but well-drained to well-drained soil.

Use: in avenues or small groups, or as a specimen tree in lawns or clearings.

Cultivation: no specific pruning required other than to remove dead, diseased or damaged branches. Prunus are susceptible to silver leaf and bacterial canker, so any pruning, for instance to rebalance the shape, should be done in summer to reduce the risk of disease.

Wildlife: —

Hazard: —

Hardiness: H6