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I’m a London-based landscape designer specialising in contemporary gardens and naturalistic, resilient planting schemes. I also teach garden design and planting design at Capel Manor College in Regent’s Park.

My designs aim to be sympathetic to their setting, and my planting style is informed by the ‘right plant, right place’ principle. This results in gardens that not only implement specific requirements in relation to style and practicality, but also have their own character and feel integrated in their wider environment.

I am a pre-registered member of the Society of Garden Designers and I am fully insured.

More about me

I’ve been involved in gardens for the better part of the past 30 years but my previous career was in publishing and journalism. At the end of 2013, I decided to turn a part-time passion for gardens into a full-time activity. A few months later, I left my job as editor of Britain’s longest-running magazine for solicitors to train as a garden designer.

While continuing to work as a London-based legal affairs journalist, I travelled around Europe, visited gardens, and – having also qualified as a ski instructor along the way – spent a few winter seasons in the Alps.

I then enrolled with Capel Manor College for three years and qualified with a garden design diploma. Halfway through, I started my own garden design business and I also joined the gardening team at Queen Mary’s Gardens, in Regent’s Park, as a volunteer gardener –  I can still be found there once a week, digging, planting, pruning or mulching, depending on the time of year.

Whether you are just looking for input and new ideas from a professionally qualified garden designer, for a new planting scheme, or for a complete redesign, I can probably help. Just drop me a line.

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Luberon-inspired garden six months after planting
Luberon-inspired garden six months after planting

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  1. Good for you and I hope you have a great time doing so. That’s a lovely part of the world you’re now in. Many years ago I drove Norway through to Finland.

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