My services range from short personal consultation to complete design and supervision of build and planting, with various combinations of possible services in between.

I undertake all the design work myself, as well as most of the plant sourcing and planting. For complex projects, I will bring in colleagues to assist, and for the hard landscaping I will suggest specialist contractors – and oversee the build if you would like me to.



Planting consultation

If you are happy with your garden but would like some guidance about a planting refresh, this could be for you. The service is available as a one-hour walk and chat in your garden, where we discuss your project, the site, and consider possible plants. Starting fee: £95.00. A typed report including specific recommendations is available at an additional cost based on the size of the plot.

Planting plan

Detailed planting plans, based on your own survey of the area you would like to replant, start at £395.00 for up to 20 square meters. These are drawn to scale and include full plant names, numbers and position, and an elevation or perspective drawing. The plants will be chosen to suit the site and to provide year-round interest.

If you would like me to undertake the survey, the fee is £80.00 per hour. A small garden usually takes two to three hours to survey and a flate rate can be agreed beforehand. There may be additional travel costs if you are based more than half and hour’s drive from London SW6.

Plant sourcing and planting

I can source the plants for you and carry out the planting. Soil preparation and planting is charged at £35 per hour, plus cost of plants, delivery, and material if applicable. If this is of interest, I will produce an estimate for you to consider before we agree to proceed.

A full plant list including specification and a maintenance schedule can be prepared for a fixed fee starting at £95.00 for small gardens.



The design process starts with a phone conversation followed by a site visit where we discuss your project, practical requirements, style preferences, colours, how you will use the garden etc. There may be a travel charge if you are based more than thirty minutes’ drive from SW6.

I will then send you a short report reflecting our conversation and my understanding of the brief, along with a fee breakdown and my terms, which I will ask you to sign and return as indication of your agreement to proceed.  I will also ask you to pay thirty per cent of the overall design fee. Design fees for small gardens start at £995.00 (including the site survey below)

The next step is a survey of your garden (same rates as for planting plans). This can be capped at £195.00 for small gardens. Specialist surveyors will be contracted in for complex or sloping sites. I will draw up a plan, to scale, that will form the basis of the design process.

I will then produce up to three moodboards conveying the style of the proposed redesign. These will act as prompts to further refine the brief if necessary.

At the same time, I will prepare a set of three draft designs that we will consider together in a subsequent meeting. We will be in touch regularly through the process so the drafts reflect your expectations as closely as possible before we consider them together.

When the drafts are ready, we will arrange a meeting to go through them together. The aim of the meeting is to agree a design outline. Once we have agreed a design in principle, I will make any further amendments and tweaks as required and email them to you to confirm. I will make up to three sets of amendments. Any additional work to the design after that will be charged at £90.00 per hour. This is the point at which I will also ask you to pay a further thirty per cent of the overall design fee before I finalise the design.

The last step is to finalise the master plan. This is a plan, to scale and in colour, which includes all the materials and suppliers.

Additional drawings such as elevation, perspective and construction drawings are charged for separately, with fees starting at £195.00 for an elevation or perspective, and £95.00 for individual construction drawings.

We will meet to go through the master plan and clarify any point if required. I will leave you one colour copy of the plan and two black-and-white copies, which you can then use to choose and instruct contractors. I will also present you with the final bill for the design fee.

Planting plans can be produced separately if you would like, as detailed above, and I can also be involved in the monitoring of the build (see below).

Build monitoring

If you would like me to be involved in the choice of contractors for the build or monitor the implementation of the design, the fee is £90.00 per hour. A fixed rate can be agreed in advance.



In all cases, you will receive a written confirmation by email of the service you are purchasing before we meet and you will be asked to confirm your understanding of our terms. I will also be in contact through the design process, to discuss details and any amendement requests. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

Interested? Just get in touch using the form below to tell me about your project and get the ball rolling: