Poppies in the breeze

I create gardens inspired by nature, the countryside, ancient woodlands, rolling hills and meadows in the breeze, each with their own unique style shaped by the spirit of the place.

My designs aim to be functional, beautiful, and respectful of nature. They are spaces to reflect and enjoy moments of peace, and they are also places for good times with family and friends.

Succession planting, extended seasonal interest and resilience are key principles that will ensure your garden will look good year round. With plants selected and combined to work through the seasons, your garden will be an inviting place not just in spring and summer but it will also brighten up colder autumn and winter days.

My approach focuses on designing a space that feels at ease with its wider environment. It starts with understanding the history of the place and assessing its specific circumstances, discussing your expectations, and working with you on a range of options.

Wherever possible I try to keep established trees and large shrubs, and I choose plants that are suited to local conditions, including those specific to your own garden. The result should be a garden that is a harmonious extension of your home and connects with its surroundings, a place that is both sustainable and enjoyable, where plants naturally thrive with minimal care and attention.

If these are values you share, I can help bring them to life in your garden. To start things off, get in touch here.