Gladiolus murielae

Gladiolus murielae, Park Square, 17 September 2021 landscape
Gladiolus murielae, Park Square, 17 September 2021

Tall autumn bulbous perennial with long sword-like leaves and white, star-shaped drooping flowers with a blackcurrant-purple throat. Not only does it bring nonchalant elegance to the late-summer border but its delicate scent will delight senses too. Not really hardy, it will survive our winters if planted in well-drained soil; otherwise, the corms should be lifted once the foliage has died back, and new cormlets planted afresh in late spring.

H x S: 1m x 0.4m

Aspect and soil: well-drained soil (not clay) in full sun, in a sheltered spot.

Use: Mixed in with other late-summer perennials, especially as part of a southern border, alongside Cannas and Dahlias (especially darker varieties).

Care: If not lifting for winter storage, cover with a protective dry mulch before the frosts.

Wildlife: —

Hazard: Toxic if ingested.

Origin: East Africa (its common name is Abyssinian gladiolus)

Hardiness: H3